ULTRASMART is a brand which gathers different high-quality health products under its roof. You can find here vitamines, minerals and other food supplements, also selection of medical devices.

Our mission is to strengthen health among communities and families, plus raise awareness of healthy lifestyle. Our long-term objective is to change quite common behaviour, when thinking about health starts only after first problems appear. Preventing is here the key-word.

You can turn to Ultrasmart.eu when looking for information about health related issues. Also, if you register your contacts in our system, we will send you newsletters and special offers time to time. This way you will regularly be reminded about importance of your health.


Strong Nature® is a brand created by Serbian leading pharmaceutical industry Elephant Co.
In portfolio of Strong Nature® is more than 60 food supplements and all these are based on top class raw materials. Production facility is working in accordance of high standards, integrated are systems ISO 9001:2008 and HACCP. Strong Nature® products can be found also in well equipped pharmacies. 

Kirkman® is one of oldest food supplement producers in US, starting from 1949. Kirkman® offers with controlled pureness and top quality food supplements, vitamines and minerals, which are easy to use for adults, kids and also for people with special needs, who usually tend to be more sensual towards different allergens and containments. 

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